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About Us

Who is Freedom Corp.?

We are a group of regular people who have recognized an urgent need to take action. 


Without action nothing will change and we are deeply concerned about our future, so we formed this group to enable others to do something about their future too.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds including business owners, not-for-profit organizations, professional services (legal, finance, etc.), doctors, families and students.  All of our team members are volunteers that have come together to provide a community for others to join and to make a difference.

We have a formal governance structure that includes an elected decision making committee and processes to insure all funds are utilized in the most effective way possible.

We have a devoted volunteer leadership group that manages each function of the organization. 

How is Freedom Corp. structured?


Freedom Corp. is a registered private Alberta based corporation with a board of directors like any other company.

Currently there are no shareholders as it operates as a not-for-profit entity (but is legally not a charity) and will not be paying anyone any dividends, ever.  All funds received are used strictly to further the objectives and bring the maximum value possible to our volunteers, members and donators.

We have elected to use this structure due to the long approval period of becoming a not-for-profit registered charity (roughly 6 + months not including during a "pandemic") and the limitations imposed on such organizations when pursuing legal action against elected officials.

A private corporation minimizes the potential for government interference, influence and restrictions.  It enables us to take strategic legal action through donations, membership fees and volunteer revenue.


We operate like any other company except our business is the protection, defence, enforcement and enhancement of our FREEDOM!


What does Freedom Corp. do?


Freedom Corp. has 3 main objectives:

  1. Educate people and build awareness of our rights and how they are being abused, trampled on, and eroded.

  2. Pursue legal action against those who seek to erode our civil rights.

  3. Organize the people into a unified and powerful voice.


Freedom Corp. raises capital through donations, membership fees and selling merchandise.

We promote rallies in strategic places and times to demonstrate our numbers and influence the minds of policy makers.

We provide an alternative means of communicating to avoid censorship and build community.

We research issues and fact check news articles to provide an unbiased and truthful source of information.

Most importantly, we take legal action!


How does Freedom Corp. use its funds?

All funds received by Freedom Corp. are used strictly for strategic purposes, we are all invested in this cause and seek to maximize the outcome for all involved. 


Uses of funds include the following:

  • Litigation

  • Marketing and promotional materials

  • Administration

  • Operating overhead (if any)

Freedom Corp- Logo.png

We believe that we define our future,

and can change the world.

Our Mission

To be the unified voice of Canadians standing for their civil rights and take proactive action against those who seek to erode them.

Our Mission

Our Vision

By bringing Canadians together to take affirmative action, we believe we can influence our collective future to be bright and prosperous once again.

We Need Your Support!

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