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Many people are frustrated by the situation and feel like there's nothing they can do; we have a plan and we can help you be part of the solution.


By donating you are taking action to restore your freedoms; every dollar goes directly towards protecting civil liberties.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

Donations are the lifeline of this effort and without your support we could not do what needs to be done.

We understand that these are challenging times and everybody's circumstances are different.  Not everyone can afford paying for the annual membership, but please consider contributing what you can and make sure to sign up for our newsletter where you can stay informed on any developments.


There is no donation that is too small and every dollar really does help.

By donating to Freedom Corp. you are taking action against our oppressors and we promise to make each and every dollar make the most impact it can.  

Freedom Corp. is a private corporation and not a registered charity; therefore, we are unable to offer tax receipts at this time. 


For donations over $100, please contact us at to discuss invoicing options if desired.

Please keep all donations to the nearest dollar and avoid entering any cents.

We sincerely thank you for your contribution and look forward to taking action on your behalf.

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