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For you to print and share. 
Check back regularly for updates and additions.

National Citizens Inquiry (NCI)

For poster size and 1 or 2 / sheet of the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) flyer see

NCI - flyer 
*4x a page*

* Any of the 4 x flyers can perform double duty. Print another on the flip side! 

NCI - wallet size

          *12x a page*

National Health Product Protection Agency (NHPPA)

*4x a page*

See for detailed flyers, letter ideas, and  templates for your member of parliament 

Keep Cash Alive

"I paid cash for a reason"

              *10x a page*

Pay cash & share slip with cahiers and others in line wtih you. Use as a flyer!



More flyers coming soon!

Event Flyers

Take Back Alberta



Download Sept flyer
*4x a page*

Poster / flyer for social - click to open

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Pay Cash
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