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  • May 13, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. MDT
    Designed for beginners, learn the latest Covid19 news that you are not being told in the mainstream media. Many controversial issues surrounding Covid19 will be exposed by Arnold (AJ) Jameson, the editor-in-chief of

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NEW for 2021

Introducing our Covid19 Education Series


Each week we will be hosting a live webinar featuring local special guest speakers that will be exciting, engaging, educational, and interactive where you will be able to get in on the private discussion and ask the panel anything you want about the Covid 19 event and related issues. These sessions are made to enhance your knowledge, to bring you up to speed on the latest news and research, and to augment the weekly local rallies you may have attended in one of the many cities around Canada (and the world, for that matter) where public presentations may be short on detail but high on motivation (or worse, banned outright in total violation of the Constitution!


These webinars will allow you to answer the all important questions you have like "what do we do now?" or "what do I say to my family?", or "where do I go for legal assistance?"

We welcome everyone to this course including medical personnel, law enforcement, politicians, and even other news agencies, all of whom may sense something is wrong with the official narrative but are too afraid to speak out for fear of ridicule or job loss merely for questioning the "official" position. Understand that you too are citizens of your country and are being asked to defraud the citizenry without knowing how or why you are unwittingly participating in "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public".


If you remember your WWII history, the order-followers of the Nazi regime were also imprisoned or hanged after the Nuremberg trials. Don't become the 21st century version of the Nazi enablers or sympathizers and face your own day of reckoning simply because you too were just "following orders". The world we help build now will be the one we are all stuck with for decades to come, so choose your path wisely! Your participation in this webinar will be anonymous and never shared with your employer or anyone else. You are certainly welcome to mute your camera when logging on to this private webinar. We treat this like an AA meeting and respect your right to privacy. 

On that note, RECORDING OF THE SESSION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN so as to to respect the privacy of all participants and their private questions! All research information we discuss will be available on the website and AJ will show you where to find it. 



In the first course in the series, Education Level 1, designed for those who are relatively new to the many controversial issues surrounding Covid19, and for those who are just waking up to the anomalies about the official narrative being told, you will typically hear from our regular host, Mr. Arnold (AJ) Jameson, a local expert medical researcher, independent investigative reporter, and editor-in-chief of who has been studying the many controversial issues around Covid19, as well as curating the news, since March 2020.

The amount of available research he has uncovered is astounding and more than sufficient to bust the official narrative wide-open. Don't miss these weekly events; each one will be different as AJ discusses the latest news of the week. 

Each webinar will be a live and interactive introductory PowerPoint presentation of about 20 minutes and then a 10-20 minute screen share tutorial on how and where to research the information for yourself. This will be followed by an open floor Q&A where you get the opportunity to ask any questions you want, present any evidence you have, and get one-on-one with one AJ, one of the regular key speakers at the weekly Freedom Walk rally held at Calgary city hall where he typically only has 10 minutes to present the latest findings​.

Since the range of information he has available is more than can be presented in just one session, this event will be repeated weekly and will change as new information presents itself.

NOTE: If no registrations have been recorded by 3pm each Thursday, the event will be automatically rescheduled to the following week. If you are a weekly event subscriber, it is incumbent upon you to register in advance each week so the speakers can prepare for the  session. No refunds will be issued for non-registrations and no reminders will be sent out. 

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