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SOGI Education In Canada and Alberta How to effectively talk to people. Strategies for conversation to apply to any issue to get past peoples' hurdles / barriers.

Canadian Federal Government Support for SOGI Education both financially and by providing resources 

SOGI Promotion on Federal Government of Canada Website
Coming soon

ARC Foundation

A foundation supported by the federal government
- listed as a support for all of the SOGI Canada efforts.
They teach people how to promote the SOGI agenda.

Education In Alberta

Pride & Inclusion in CBE

SOGI in Alberta

- look through the above web-site for resources, lesson plans, support institutions (such as ATA, CBE),

List of resources from above site:


ATA document for teachers:
From inside front cover:  One copy of this publication is available free of charge to all ATA members.

Non-ATA members or ATA members who require more than one copy can view pricing and ordering information on the ATA website at Click on Publications>Other Publications or contact ATA Distribution at 780-447-9400 (Edmonton); toll-free within Alberta 1-800-232-7208.

Support for Canadian Parents
Probably the most comprehsive resource available.

Exposing SOGI 123

Parents United

SOGI in Canadian Schools - What parents NEED to know, and how parental rights are being attacked.

Alberta Parents Against Groomers:  (support group on facebook)

Parents for Choice in Education

Health and Sexual Education in Alberta 

The above web-site has several good articles discussing the issues and the rights of parents. 

The Threat to Education: Unmasking the Influence of "Woke" Ideologies

Protected Rights of Alberta Parents

Alberta Bill of Rights - Note section 1g

Support for Alberta Parents

Alberta Parents Against Groomers:  (support group on facebook)

Other support for parents

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