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Freedom Rallies

Freedom4canada at Freedom Rallies:


F4C does not organize or financially support any Freedom Rallies or events.  F4C does however promote certain events that align with its core values of standing for civil liberties.  F4C strives to help the movement grow by sharing event info with its members through the newsletter and encourages everyone to attend.


F4C team members always lead by example through attending Freedom Rallies.  We do this for many reasons including to raise awareness of F4C activities, network with the community, meet up with new members and stand up for the right to peaceful protest. You can find F4C team members around the rally spots holding Canadian flag like signs and handing out flyers or stickers. 


Anyone looking to organize their own Freedom Rally and have it promoted by F4C we request the following principles:


  • Be respectful of all attendees

  • Family friendly (no profanity)

  • Strictly non violent

  • Respect and thank the police


Grass roots Freedom Rally Strategies:


Organizing a Freedom Rally is not all that complicated however in order for it to be a success it must have a solid support group to promote it and get the message out.  Planning a rally includes tasks like finding a good location, setting up a sound system, inviting guest speakers, designing\printing flyers and online digital promotions.


Successful rallies have a dedicated planning team but importantly encourage everyone to participate and provide ideas on how to make it successful.  All sizes of contributions should be valued and appreciated to ensure adequate support for the event.


There should absolutely be no individual personal gain sought. The sole and unifying objective must be achieving results for the movement.  If one person needs personal gain it restricts the participation of so many thus stunting the movements potential.


Typically, there are numerous separate groups working together to organize and promote a rally in a particular city. It is imperative that these groups work together  or the movement can become fractured.  An effective way of doing this is to insure there is not one group branding the event and it is purely for the people. All groups can support it equally and grow it to its fullest potential.


What to do if you get a fine:


Take the ticket, don’t refuse to provide names or escalate the situation with police.




Plead not guilty, scan both sides then mail it registered mail to the courthouse.  Once you receive your notice from the courthouse, scan the notice and email it to the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms and they will fight the fine for you at no cost.


These fines are not constitutional and will be thrown out, so as far as we are aware you have nothing to worry about by attending a rally. If that changes, we will notify everyone through the newsletter.

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