Unanswered Questions

Letter to AB officials demanding an explanation and pointing out that successful treatments are available.

Gyms are not getting fair and equitable treatment for nor the same occupancy level as restaurants. 

Print and send (or email) this letter along with the attachment.

Student Mask Notice

Documents to provide to school administration regarding your child's rights and medical freedoms regarding masks.

For British Columbia, Alberta adaptations coming soon!

Vaccine Waiver

A waiver for medical  to sign prior to vaccine taking on responsibility for any injury caused by forced vaccine.

Print & Send - before Christmas!

Dear Premier Kenney, Don't Cancel Christmas​

A letter addressed to Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney regarding the denial of the injunction of lockdown measures.

At a minimum, please send an email, and/or use the contact form at:  https://www.alberta.ca/premier-contact.cfm


If possible, print and send via snail mail. A hard copy is always best, as the visual effect of a letter in the mail can't be negated. 



Letter from Jeff Rath to Jason Kenny

J. Rath wrote a scathing letter to Jason Kenny demanding he fire Dr. Hinsaw on April 25, 2021.

Please feel free to send your own such letter.