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Strategies to grow our numbers

Here are some strategies you can use to help grow our numbers:

  1. Hand someone an F4C Card or flyer (download from our website and print below)

  2. Place F4C cards/ flyers in strategic places

  3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  4. Ask a store owner to post an F4C flyer in a store window

  5. Send an email to friends (download samples below)

  6. Invite someone to participate in a conference call (every Wednesday at 7pm MST)

  7. Contact a like-minded groups and invite their members to join us

Where to hand out flyers:

  • High traffic areas like in front of the mall, Costco or Walmart

  • At freedom rallies

  • At private events

Downloadable templates coming soon!

Download Email Templates

Be part of the Solution!

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