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Take Action today!

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can participate:

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Spread the word

Nothing will change unless the people of Canada come together to stand for their freedoms.  One of the most important things anyone can do is spread the word about how their civil liberties are being eroded and that there is things they can do to stop it.


Examples of things everyone can do for free:

  • Share this website to contacts and on social media

  • Recruit others to help out and spread the word

  • Talk about the issues with your friends and family

  • Get involved in chat groups

  • Hand out flyers  



Our team consists of brave volunteers that help out when they can and we are always looking to grow. 


If you can help in any of the following activities please reach out to us to join our team:

  • Event planning and execution

  • Marketing or Social Media

  • Research

  • Recruiting & training

  • Admin and data management

  • Education sessions



Our members are an essential part of this project and the primary source of funding for the operation.  By becoming a member you are helping us take a stand and hold our government to account.


Membership is $100 per person and provides our members with the following benefits:

  • Weekly updates regarding any open litigation

  • Direct access to our team for Q&A

  • Access to our private meme page and chat room to meet like minded people



If you are unable to become a member or would like to contribute more then the membership fee, please consider donating. 


No donation is too small, every dollar counts.


Freedom Corp. being a private corporation is unable to provide charitable receipts.  If you are interested in donating a larger amount, please contact us to explore options for providing an invoice.



Historically, Freedom Rallies, walks and protests have been used by the people to make their opinion heard in attempt to influence public or government policy. There is power in numbers and when a large group of people come to stand together on a particular issue it sends a clear message that can’t be ignored.


Attending a Freedom Rally is an inexpensive but powerful way for people to take a stand for their civil rights. When enough people join it can have a profound effect.


Some of the main objectives behind a Freedom Rally are:


  • Attract positive media coverage

  • Grow the Freedom community

  • Break down fear

  • Share educational information

  • Learn from guest speakers


Now more than ever it is important to get involved, show up and keep the pressure on the policy makers while pursuing legal remedies in the background. 


We encourage people in every city to come together and stand for civil rights.  The nationwide freedom movement is growing rapidly but it needs everyone to actively participate. This is not the time to wait or hope enough other people are involved. This is the time for you to do your part!


If everyone brings a friend (or more) to every rally it will double in size each week until a critical mass is reached and a break-through occurs.

Sign the Petitions!

We are coordinating with other groups that have active petitions, please sign ALL of the petitions!

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