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There are numerous issues

Some you may not agree with, and yet we can all agree that there are several. If you don't agree with an issue, take action with those with which ​you do agree. The situtation is too critical to spend time arguing over those things with which we disagree, instead of speaking up.

See below for major areas of concern and which ever resonates with you, take part in the actions suggested.


We need to be more effective. We have had victory on few things, and need to act quickly to preserve our way of life for future generations.

Electric vehicles


Issues with mining minerals for the batteries, and yes the source of the power for the charging stations. However, they charge poorly, if at all in cold temperatures, and batteries do not hold their charge in cold temperatures (Canadian winters), and the amount of land solar panels utilize, and the resources used in the panel construction and manufacturing, and replacing them when they don't work anymore and disposing of the old ones, as well as battery disposal and expense in replacement (Canadian had a bill for $26,000 for replacement tesla batteries) then there are the wind farms, the fins are not recyclable and end up getting buried when they've exceeded thier lifecycle.




Background and issues


Halt Vaccine Passports

Health Treaty



Bill C-11 & C-18
Removal of Section 181 of the Criminal Code in 2019

Transhumanism / AI



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