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Challenge the Emergency and Reasonableness of the Measures

Freedom Corporation has retained and instructed Rath & Company, Barristers and Solicitors, to work jointly with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) to file an Application in the Court of Queen’s Bench setting aside the recent Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Orders that trample the constitutionally-protected rights of citizens of Alberta.

The pleadings filed in the Court of Queen’s Bench on December 4, 2020, claim that the CMOH Orders are ultra vires the Province pursuant to the Alberta Bill of Rights and violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Freedom Corporation and the JCCF are applying to the Court on behalf of private citizens and churches who believe their civil rights, including their rights to religious liberty, have been violated by Dr. Deena Hinshaw in a completely arbitrary and capricious manner.

The Originating Application and supporting materials allege that Dr. Hinshaw’s Orders have been issued without lawful authority as the Legislature of Alberta has not passed legislation saying that Dr. Hinshaw’s authority is absolute, “notwithstanding” the Alberta Bill of Rights.

The Application further sets out all of the various Alberta Bill of Rights, Charter, and Constitutional provisions that Dr. Hinshaw’s Orders contravene. 

The Application identifies a lack of justification on the part of the Government and questions whether a bona fide emergency even exists. 

This application will force the Provincial government to justify their actions in a court of law and a successful outcome can set a powerful legal precedent for the rest of Canada to follow suit shortly after.

Freedom4canada is continuously working with people to source information and evidence in support of the above litigation.  If you have information that can help in the following areas, please email us at

  • Strange results from the RT-PCR test (eg: never tested but came back positive/ tested positive and negative same day)

  • Video or pictures of crowded places or empty hospitals

  • Contacts to health professionals willing to swear affidavits (eg: virologists, public health, vaccine safety)

  • Nurses/ doctors/ others being forced to vaccinate against their will


Rath & Company, Barristers and Solicitors (Rath), is engaged in various other constitutional litigation efforts to which Freedom Corp. not a party.  We will include what information we have in our newsletters as it becomes available. 

You can donate directly to Rath through their go fund me page:


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